Lab manual

  • Computers workstations in the lab, interacting with the lab server
  • Sound recording microphones, amplification, analog-to-digital conversion, recording, signal paths, sound booths, forced alignment, acoustic measurements
  • Ultrasound and video generating ultrasound images of the tongue using the Terason T3000, recording ultrasound/video images, dealing with head movement, processing images (& synchronization), tracing ultrasound images (Palatoglossatron), analyzing ultrasound data
  • Electroglottograph recording laryngeal activity with the EG2-PCX electroglottograph, working with EGG data
  • Airflow and pressure recording oral/nasal airflow and pressure using the PCQuirer system
  • Perception experiments running perception and artificial grammar learning experiments, Praat MFC, modifying an MFC script, Presentation software, parts of a Presentation experiment (& output)
  • Scripts Praat scripts (structure, concepts, & repository), Python scripts (& repository), coding in R (& repository)
  • Project protocols Describes processes for collecting, distilling, processing, and analyzing data for certain projects
  • Miscellaneous [space to add new content that doesn’t have a page yet]