Instructional tools

The vowel plot assignment. Follow the instructions and have plots of your acoustic vowel space e-mailed to you automatically.

Ultrasound videos of American English consonants and vowels.

Typological database

Search P-base.

Acoustic and articulatory data analysis methods

The NCSU Phonology Lab manual.

Slides giving an introduction to ultrasound data collection (Mielke 2012)

The Penn Phonetics Lab Forced Aligner (P2FA) based on the HTK Speech Recognition Toolkit

LaTeX document typesetting

A PDF of our LaTeX workshop handout is available on our phonology lab manual website.

A thorough “cheat sheet” for common LaTeX commands is here.

For IPA characters, use the tipa package. A chart giving tipa commands is here.

For a comprehensive introduction to LaTeX, check out the wikibook.