Existing data

Measurements that are already available

If you want to work with formant measurements that were created in a typical way from transcribed corpora that we possess, your measurements probably exist already. Here are some available repositories of corpus measurements.

SLAAP corpus formant measurements

We have run one_script on the corpora that can be measured on the phonetics lab computers, using the following query for each corpus:

praat /phon/scripts/one_script.praat /phon/ENG523/files/nc_files.csv 'VOWEL VL' 'formants(measurements=21)' 'l'

The output files can be found in /phon/one_script_formants/, including the following:

  • one_script_out_buckeye_formants.csv (252718 vowel tokens)
  • one_script_out_nc_formants.csv (213675 vowel tokens)
  • one_script_out_northtown_formants.csv (60168 vowel tokens)
  • one_script_out_ohio_formants.csv (138020 vowel tokens)
  • one_script_out_raleigh_formants.csv (1250726 vowel tokens)
  • one_script_out_exslave_formants.csv (7532 vowel tokens)

The main reason you would want to measure vowel formants yourself in these corpora is if you wanted to change measurement or output settings.

SPADE measurements

The SPeech Across Dialects of English (SPADE) project has used a one_script-like procedure to measure dozens of English speech corpora. Single-time point formant measurements, sibilant fricative spectral measurements, and duration measures have been extracted from all these corpora and csv files have been made publicly available on OSF. Speaker mean values can be viewed in the SPADE shiny app. For the corpora that were processed at NCSU, we also have 21-time point formant tracks and speaker demographic information stored in /phon/SPADE_measurements, including the following:

  • spade-Raleigh_formant_tracks_all.csv (414735 stressed vowel tokens)
  • spade-SLAAP-Ex-Slave_formant_tracks.csv (2641 stressed vowel tokens)
  • spade-SLAAP-NC-AA_formant_tracks.csv (57834 stressed vowel tokens)
  • spade-SLAAP-NC-misc_formant_tracks.csv (15487 stressed vowel tokens)
  • spade-SLAAP-NorthTown-Anglo_formant_tracks.csv (7636 stressed vowel tokens)
  • spade-SLAAP-NorthTown-Latinx_formant_tracks.csv (18723 stressed vowel tokens)
  • spade-SLAAP-Ohio_formant_tracks.csv (50823 stressed vowel tokens)