– Current People –

Jeff Mielke (associate professor, lab director): Phonology and phonetics, especially interested in studying phonology using spontaneous speech, articulatory data, and databases.

Bridget Smith (postdoctoral researcher 2016-2018): Phonetic and phonological variation (acoustic and articulatory), variation in speech perception, sound change.

Qandeel Hussain (postdoctoral researcher 2017-2019): Language documentation, acoustic and articulatory description of Indo-Iranian (Iranian, Indo-Aryan, and Nuristani) languages.

Jessica Hatcher (MA 2018)

Frankie Pennington (MA 2018)

Cali Powell (undergraduate researcher)

Megan Ray (undergraduate researcher)

Robin Dodsworth (associate professor): Linguistic variation, sociophonetics, social theory and its interface with linguistics, social networks

Erik Thomas (professor): Sociophonetics, Vowel quality, Prosody, Ethnic variation, Speech perception, Geographical variation, Sound change

Eric Wilbanks (MA 2016): Language variation, sociophonetics, speech perception, language and sexuality, computational tools for sociolinguistics

Lyra Magloughlin (visitor 2015-2016)

– Alumni/past people –

Amanda Eads (MA 2017)

Hunter Mayo (undergraduate researcher)

Sarah Chetty (MA student): Phonetics/phonology, sociolinguistics, especially interested in acoustic and articulatory characteristics of Spanish heritage speech

Ari Janoff (MA 2017)

Sonya Trawick (MA 2017): Sociophonetics, Spanish variation, Ultrasound Research

Amy Hemmeter (MA 2016): Sociophonetics, gender, speech perception, phonation

Christopher Carignan (post-doctoral researcher 2013-2015)

Kellam Barta (MA 2015)

Jahurul Islam (MA 2014)

Megan L. Risdal (MA 2014)

Michael J. Fox (MA 2013)

Nicholas Membrez-Weiler (sociology Ph.D. Student)